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Census Bureau texts might be legit


I received a message from a Coeur d’Alene reader inquiring about the legitimacy of a text message she received from the U.S. Census Bureau, asking her to click on a link to fill out a survey about the COVID-19 situation.

Upon receiving this question, my antenna immediately went up because why would the U.S. Census Bureau be sending consumers questions about COVID-19 when that seems more like a Centers for Disease Control function?

Well, turns out after doing some research, these text messages are likely legitimate. The U.S. Census Bureau is collecting data to measure household experiences during the coronavirus pandemic. The survey is called The Household Pulse Survey, which collects data pertaining to job status, spending, food security, housing, health, access to health care and schooling.

So how do you know if the text is coming from the Census Bureau and not a scammer? The…

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