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Chidi Ibeh: Joe Igbokwe and politics of sycophancy


Recently, Joe Igbokwe has become a manifestation and replication of the biblical Esau in Igboland. He has been hypnotized to see nothing good about his kith and kin. He can be easily contracted to do any type of hackman’s job against his people. He seems to be the champion and a ready dupe to denigrate the Igbo people. He needs to put on his thinking cap.

There is a popular Igbo saying that whoever was not around when the father was buried starts from his feet to do the exhumation. Joe Igbokwe should reflect over his history in the community. It is a well known fact that the leopard can never change its spots.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the apex socio cultural organization cannot sit down and watch one single Igbo son ridicule the integrity of Ndigbo without irrational and unjustifiable allegations. It is high time we call him to order so that he can coordinate his tongue with his brain.

Igbo Presidency is not negotiable and can never be compromised by…

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