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CKBSM – The “One Stop Shop” for Real Estate in Greece


The real estate agency CKBSM – BSM stands for ‘Business Solutions Market’ – is known as “the first one-stop shop” in Greece for real estate products and services, according to its websites, www.ckbsm.gr and www.ckbsm-realestate.com. The National Herald spoke with its representative to learn about Greece’s real estate scene and how the firm can help Hellenes abroad.

The National Herald: How easy is it for someone to buy real estate in Greece, especially if they are thousands of miles away, and how can CKBSM help?

CKBSM: Our company in terms of serving our customers who are interested in real estate buying and selling and renting is able to serve customers from all over the world and puts all its know-how as well as specialized translators, lawyers, engineers, and notaries at the disposal of our customers, from whatever country they come from.

We undertake to guide them and help from the beginning to the end of every purchase and…

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