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Climate Change Meets the Global West




: a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people

In recent times, the world has witnessed quite the dramatic increase in climate-related natural disasters in the global West. The Amazon rainforest, once one of the world’s largest and most important carbon sinks, now produces more CO2 than it removes. From the German and US floods to the wildfires in Turkey and Italy, news media has been awash with think-pieces on the climate change issue with focus on the wealthier nations. The rush is of such a nature that, as a journalist put it on Twitter, suddenly ‘every journalist is about to become a climate journalist’. With these devastating environmental events arriving on the heels of the COVID pandemic, jokes have been thrown around as to the end of the world and questions on whether or not Mother Nature has begun to fight back has been repeatedly asked. It’s almost as if the…

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