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Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Update 2021 • Benzinga


Colorado Springs is home to many national parks and forests. The natural beauty makes it a hot spot for sightseeing, adventures and, over the last few years, relocating. Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, it’s no wonder this city’s real estate market continues to grow. 

Current Colorado Springs Market Conditions

  • There has been a steady incline in households as well very healthy increases in both rental and home sale prices. 
  • Although construction costs are up, construction jobs and builder sentiment continue to rise. 
  • Employment in this city is also on an upward trend. 

Buying a House in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Home Prices

Colorado Springs median home value: $420,000

National average: $371,000

Colorado Springs has seen amazing growth in home values over the last several years. Year over year they have seen an impressive jump of 23.5% — even higher than the national average of 22.4%. Homes…

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