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MASSACHUSETTS IS at an inflection point.  Decisions we make as we emerge from quarantine will define the character of the Commonwealth for decades.  Small businesses should be at the center of our recovery plans.  That is why I am exploring a run for lieutenant governor—to be the small business champion on Beacon Hill.

Running a small business is a challenge even in the best of times—and I know because I owned ECHO Industries, a manufacturing business located in Orange, for over 20 years. I believed in ECHO, I believed in our employees, and I believed that we were making a positive contribution to Orange and to the Commonwealth.

I sold ECHO in 2019 and now teach at Babson College where I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and wisdom with the next generation of entrepreneurs.  I believe entrepreneurship is the best social program we have—by encouraging entrepreneurs to start businesses and to innovate, we are…

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