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Conventional warfare do not always end in victory


“…. science – by which I mean the entire body of knowledge about things, whether corporeal or spiritual – is as much a work of imagination as it is of observation…. the latter is not possible without the former….”José Ortega y’Gasset, Man and Crisis (1958)

Strategy and Truth: The Immutable Primacy of Intellect

Sometimes,truth is counter-intuitive. At first, observers might think, and especially during bewildering times of “plague,”[1] that verifiable considerations of science must outweigh any proposed remedies of politics. In fact, however, for the United States, this has been an historical moment of utterly rabid anti-intellectualism. Even more specifically, it has been a retrograde era, one in which conspicuous delusions and conspiratorial gibberish have often superseded Reason and Rationality.

               What has been happening? The resultant perils remain potentially existential; they…

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