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Cory Barlog Changes Twitter Bio To “Heard Of It”


God of War fans rejoice – Cory Barlog has finally ended his ongoing joke with the community and changed his Twitter bio to “heard of it”.

For those unaware, Cory Barlog has constantly teased the God of War community with one saying – “never heard of it”. Whenever fans would ask Cory about the God of War sequel, Cory would say that same line every time, even when the sequel had been formally announced by Sony last year.

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Over the past few years, Cory has actually gotten pretty inventive with how he’s delivered that message, usually in the form of updating his Twitter bio. Before the PlayStation Showcase, he had the phrase spelling out in Klingon, and even earlier before that he had it in the form of Morse Code.

“Never heard of it” has become a big in-joke with…

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