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COVID Strikes: A Morality Tale


About two weeks ago, after transferring the brood from our house to college dormitories via the family truckster, we decided to chase the empty nesters’ dream by recapturing the gaiety of youth.  

We jammed out to a band at Looney’s Pub, bribing the host with a sawbuck to get a nice seat inside. The next day we partied it up under blue skies and puffy white clouds at historic Ellicott City. There were beer gardens, bratwurst, and eight stages going at the same time.

There’s nothing like a late summer day enjoying a craft IPA and listening to mediocre cover bands belting out the rock-and-roll standards. Fun was had by all.

However, in a similar way that the couple having gratuitous sex in a horror flick is the one that gets murdered, we got COVID for our party transgressions. Despite being fully vaxxed, we were knocked down by what felt like an endless flu with the bonus of a high fever and a loss of taste.  

On a telehealth…

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