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Cowboy attire not necessarily right for business trips


Q I’ve been living for many years in west Texas where in business situations it’s acceptable to wear cowboy boots and Western hats. The boots are such a given in my business clothing, I don’t even own a pair of regular dress shoes. Now I am going to be traveling to Chicago and New York on business. Do I have to change my appearance? I definitely would rather not.

A Well, no, you don’t have to change your appearance, but it might be a wise business move to tweak it somewhat. Please know that I’m not suggesting you cannot express your personal background and your individuality by wearing one or the other — the boots or the hat — to one or two situations you will be attending in Chicago and New York. But wearing both at the same time to all the events does seem a bit too “look-at-me,” and also could come across as rather costume-like.

A lot depends on the image you wish to present as well as what your company wants to present outside of Texas. If your…

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