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Crypto Lending in a Nutshell: Principles, rates, safety


“To the moon!” is a common saying among crypto enthusiasts who buy and hold their digital assets in hopes of price doing just that – shooting to the moon. However, if you keep your crypto assets intact for a long time, your profit will only come during their growth. Crypto lending offers another way where your digital assets can work for you.

Whether you want to earn interest on bitcoin tokens or use it as collateral to get more coins, several crypto loan platforms have a wide range of different offers. 

You have to go through an exhausting process to get a conventional loan from a bank. Upstanding credit is vital: the bank will be checking into your credit history. Crypto-backed loans are different – you can take out the loan instantly, no matter your credit history because the crypto loan is collateralized.

Crypto lending is relatively new. Despite the potential to be a handy tool to get quick cash or…

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