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Dallas Digital Real Estate Startup Nada Closes $2.5M Seed Round » Dallas Innovates


Since launching in 2018, the team at Nada has been hard at work.

Initially, Dallas-based Nada raised around $800K from private and institutional investors to quickly garner traction for its all-in-one online solution that acts as an alternative to the traditional commission structure for selling a home.

With new services in the pipeline and revenue coming in, Nada was ready to raise more funding. That led to a campaign in June 2020 with Republic, an investment platform that allows early-stage startups to raise up to $1.07 million from anyone—friends, family, fans, and the general public—using regulation crowdfunding.

Republic brought its Cities program to Dallas last year as part of its mission to launch in high growth, up-and-coming cities that are working to level the playing field for entrepreneurs. Republic Cities Dallas aims to connect with the local startup community while…

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