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Danger lurks – Newspaper – DAWN.COM


THE decision of the New Zealand cricket team — and subsequently the England cricket team — to cancel their tours of Pakistan is naturally very disappointing for the country. While we surmise the reasons behind the cancellation, however, it is important to look beyond the simple narrative of geopolitics and instead scrutinise how a discourse of ‘danger’ and ‘threat levels’ has been central to the existence and identity of post-colonial and Third World nations.

For years, Pakistan remained a theatre of terrorism and violence. Since the first decade of the 2000s, however, Pakistan made significant strides to overcome this menace. Despite our success in curbing terrorism, the decisions by the New Zealand and England cricket boards reveal how Pakistan continues to be viewed as unsafe.

This view of Pakistan does not stem solely from the perceived ground realities — in fact, the security assessment prior to the tours revealed it was safe to…

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