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Dead End of the Politics of Catastrophe

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Chidi Amuta

On 19th May, 2021, Mr. Abu Mohammed Abubakar bin Mohammad al-Sheikawi (Abubakar Shekau), life ‘president’ of Boko Haram, finally died on his own terms under the supervision of his fellow ISWAP terrorists. The Nigerian presidency was silent. I am not aware that there has so far been any official presidential statement on the death of this villain who terrorized Nigeria for over ten years. However, the Nairobi kidnap and rendition of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and the subsequent invasion of the home of Mr. Sunday Igboho have been celebrated with loud presidential triumphalism. Aso Rock town criers quickly passed a verdict of guilty on both men. The president himself added Mr. Igboho to his growing list of personal adversaries and state branded ‘terrorists’. Yet the most elementary notion of justice in a democracy is the presumption that even a villain is…

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