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Defunding public schools is the goal — Scam Guards


By Lisa Longo, Special To The Times

I’ve been following the hysteria being created by right-wing media over “Critical Race Theory” and how it has now devolved into the Republican Party calling for an army of the uninformed, or misinformed, to show up at school board meetings to protest a curriculum that doesn’t exist.

Now they have told people that “CRT,” as it is being called, is really what is meant by “equity.” It is not.

Equity is the idea that every student has individual educational needs that we must supply in order to provide the FREE and EQUAL education our Constitution mandates.

Yes, it is a Constitutional RIGHT.

Critical Race Theory has NOTHING to do with Equity Policy. CRT is just a fear mongering tactic by the far right to convince people to distrust public schools.

And what is there to gain by creating this distrust? Hundreds of millions per district, and by some estimates maybe a trillion…

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