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Democracies, ‘mightocracies’: The realities of international law


AFTER reading Tayo Oke’s column on The PUNCH titled, How Russia undermines International Law (Tuesday, April 19, 20022),  I felt a responsibility to pen my disagreeing position on the subject. I have followed and read his articles for years. His last piece of April 19 compelled me to do a little background check on him.

Tayo Oke is a lawyer and a doctor (PhD). He is an old hand at The PUNCH  newspaper.

Building his argument solely on the “theoretics” of international law, while neglecting the extra-legal weight of historical and circumstantial facts/evidence, makes his position misleading and lacking in depth.

The world continues to watch the gruesome spectacle in Ukraine. What Russia thought would be a quickie is now unravelling as a gruesome marathon with thousands of casualties on both sides.

With NATO allies and American military might keeping Ukraine in the fight, there seems to be no end in sight…

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