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Dems in disarray as Whitmer faces internal battles


Revolution. A word singularly capable of indicating that a seismic occurrence has transpired in the realm of geo-politics. 

Revolution. A word overutilized in the hyperbolic, propaganda laden verticals from which the tenor and tone of the 24-hour news cycle is formulated. 

Revolution. A word associated with chaotic unsteadiness, whether the revolution it references is real or imagined, of importance to many or a select few. 

Nevada in 2016 saw the stirrings of what some called a revolution. A schism within the state’s Democratic party — one witnessed by the national media and brought about by Sen. Bernie Sanders’ first presidential campaign — grew ever wider across several party gatherings, eventually culminating in a battle for delegates at the state party convention. Ultimately unsuccessful in his aspirations, Sen. Sanders transformed the apparatus guiding his White House run into a political action committee called Our Revolution. From…

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