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Direct Deposit Email Scam Surfaces in Hawaiʻi


October 11, 2021, 3:43 PM HST

A new email scam has been circulating in Hawaiʻi.

Several individuals have reported unauthorized changes to their payroll direct deposit accounts, according to a release from HPD. In this scam, commonly referred to as a Business Email Compromise payroll scam (BEC), the scammer utilizes a real employee’s name, usually found via an internet search, to send an email to that person’s human resources or finance department.

The email will usually be sent from a fictitious account, but may appear similar to the true address or utilize the victim’s name. In the email, the scammer will ask for the individual’s direct deposit to be moved to a different bank (utilized by the scammer) and will submit associated paperwork via this email account. Since the email uses an employee’s name and similar email address the change is then processed. The victim may not realize this happened until they…

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