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Domain hit by cyber attack, warns of rental scam email


Phishing is a scam email designed to trick their targets by imitating legitimate companies or people. Often external links can result in malicious software (malware) being downloaded, or can trick people into transferring money or handing over personal information.

“We have identified a scam that used a phishing attack to gain access to Domain’s administrative systems to engage with people who have made rental property inquiries,” Domain chief executive Jason Pellegrino said.

“We understand the scammers then contacted some of these people by email to suggest that they pay a ‘deposit’ to secure a rental property on a website nominated by the scammer.

“While this is a serious matter, at this point our investigation shows only a small number of people may have engaged with the scam. Clearly people are becoming more aware of how to spot suspicious online behaviour and taking protective measures not to engage in such activity.”

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