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Economy And Markets On The Move Toward Normal


As we embark on the second half of 2021, the U.S. economy has almost entirely reopened following the pandemic shutdown. With the healing process underway, what challenges will the economy and markets face on the move toward normal? To help figure out what may lie ahead, let’s first take a look back to see how far we’ve come.

A Story of Recovery and Healing

Outside the U.S. Many countries are still struggling to contain the virus. Despite this fact, containment of the virus abroad has begun and progress has been made. The rest of the world has seen less progress than the U.S., but countries abroad will have upside potential throughout the rest of the year. The healing process has started and will continue.

Markets gains. Market action during the month reflected this state of affairs. On the whole, U.S. markets were up. Both the Nasdaq and S&P…

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