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Economy resilient in face of China actions


Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says the Australian economy has proved to be remarkably resilient in the face of political tensions with China, the nation’s number one trading partner.

He says as China has flexed its dominance on the global economy, it has made no secret in targeting Australia’s economy.

The Asian giant has cited 14 grievances, covering everything from Australia’s foreign investment laws to its calling out of cyber attacks.

“They have targeted our agricultural and resources sector, with measures affecting a range of products, including wine, seafood, barley and coal,” Mr Frydenberg will tell the ANU Crawford Leadership Forum on Monday.

But he said Australia has remained steadfast in defending its sovereignty and its core values, and always will.

“Our economy has also proven to be remarkably resilient,” Mr Frydenberg says in extracts from his keynote speech to the online event obtained by AAP.

“I am not downplaying the impact of China’s actions….

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