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‘Evil’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 11 — ‘I Is for IRS’


All I know for certain, after watching this week’s Evil, is that David Acosta is on track to become a priest in 18 days. Everything else is a devilishly delicious question mark.

Is Kristen evil-free after her accidental exorcism? Was she ever demonically influenced to begin with? Speaking of which, what was going on with Leland before Sheryl dumped all that blood on him? And, on a related note, what in the frilly heck is up with those infusions Sheryl is getting?

I’ve got no clue, and I do not care: This show is so fun and so well-done, I’m down to supernaturally clown. Read on for the highlights of “I Is for IRS.”

SWAPPING YOUR BLOOD WITH FORMALDEHYDE | The hour opens with a hilariously on-the-nose montage of Sheryl and Leland doing weird blood stuff, all set to Andrew Bird’s “Fake Palindromes.” It appears that Kristen’s mom is now a willing recipient of those behind-the-knee…

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