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Experts weigh-in on inflation, interest rates, the economy


by Timothy McQuiston VermontBiz has asked several financial leaders to offer their expertise on what they see as Vermont’s near future regarding the economy, finance, interest rates and inflation.

This piece was first published in Vermont Business Magazine, shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine (February 24) and before the Federal Reserve Bank raised interest rates on March 16 by 25 basis points (one quarter point or 0.25%).

Some economists had believed this first rate hike in three years (December 2018) could have been as much as 50 basis points. However, the Fed indicated this would be just the start of a series of rate hikes this year intended to slow inflation. Observers are suggesting there will be seven increases.

The last rate cut was a quarter-point at the beginning of the pandemic two years ago (March 15, 2020), which brought rates down to zero. This was the fifth rate cut, and the second in response to the pandemic, since that previous…

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