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Explained | Is Twitter acceding to takedown requests?


How has the social media platform reacted to pleas for information data from governments around the world?

The story so far: On Wednesday, social media platform Twitter released its Transparency Report for the second half of last year (July 1 to December 31), in which it was revealed that India was the single largest source of government information requests. India also was one of the prominent sources of legal demands for removal of content, according to the report.

What’s the transparency report all about?

Twitter started publishing a biannual report — Twitter Transparency Report — in 2012. The original goal, it says in its blog, “was to provide the public with recurring insights into government pressures that impacted the public, whether through overt political censorship or by way of compelling account data through information requests”.


It further says, “A lot has changed since 2012. It is now more important than ever that we also…

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