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Facebook Filed a Patent For an AR Hat, The Latest in its Evolving AR Push


Forget AR glasses, according to a new patent registered by Facebook, The Social Network is developing an AR hat, which would expand the immersion of the device, and facilitate more advanced AR experiences within an isolated, standalone unit.

The patent was spotted by Founders Legal, which also provided a brief summary of some of the key elements of the device, which point to why Facebook may be looking to build an AR hat, in variance to AR glasses (which Facebook’s also developing).

“The display would be incorporated into the brim of the hat to minimize contact with the user. Additionally, heat-generating components required to run the artificial reality display can be given similar treatment and be incorporated into areas of the hat that do not have direct contact with the user, such as the brim.”

So a hat provides more spatial options for the required components than glasses alone, which could make it a better option for more immersive,…

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