Home Tech Facebook ‘knew what it was doing’: Eric Schmidt

Facebook ‘knew what it was doing’: Eric Schmidt


Facebook’s conduct revealed in leaked documents is “pretty concerning,” said former Google boss Eric Schmidt, who called for companies in the tech industry to show more restraint.

Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms, “went a little too far on the revenue side and not enough on the judgment side,” Schmidt said in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “You can see that from the Facebook leaks that have been occurring.”

Facebook “knew what it was doing,” says former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.Credit:AP

The documents — shared with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and Congress by whistleblower Frances Haugen and obtained by the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and other media outlets — show that Meta struggled to contain hate speech and misinformation.

They also revealed that the company’s own staff, including internal researchers, faulted it for failing to stop the proliferation of groups that fomented the US Capitol attack on…

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