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Facebook Oversight Board member calls for more transparency

The Oversight Board’s first report, released last week, revealed that the group of independent content moderators prompted Facebook to restore more than 30 pieces of content covering major issues. It also found users are often in the dark when content is removed by Facebook, and don’t know why they’ve been banned or had their content taken down.

“The Facebook team treats individuals as users, not as customers, so there’s no sort of customer service,” Nossel said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday. “I don’t want Facebook to just wipe content out without any explanation. I want people to have a recourse if they believe their ability to express themselves has been unjustifiably impaired.”

The board also said Facebook was not “fully forthcoming” about its cross-check system, which is used to make content decisions for high-profile users.

The Oversight Board is an effort by Facebook to bring in outside expertise to oversee the platform’s content moderation…

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