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Facebook Pay Aims to Close Loop, Not Be Super App


Facebook Messenger celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, adding the option for users to send cash birthday gifts directly through the platform using Facebook Pay.

The new feature is the latest step in the company’s ongoing efforts to try to scale the Facebook Pay service. This time, it’s targeting an especially tough nut to crack in the area of peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, where it hopes to get more eyes on its service by wrapping it up as a kind of birthday gift.

“What we’re doing is we’re creating a delightful experience around it, where that birthday gift is going to be themed with wrapping paper, and then the user will open it up and receive their gift on Messenger,” Meron Colbeci, head of Consumer Product Management at Facebook, told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster.

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Colbeci spoke about how the new feature is just the latest step on a path that will eventually see Facebook Pay…

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