Home Business Facebook spent $23.4M on security for Mark Zuckerberg in 2020

Facebook spent $23.4M on security for Mark Zuckerberg in 2020


Facebook shelled out roughly $23.4 million in 2020 to protect its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The massive amount includes about $13.4 million for personal security for Zuckerberg, along with an additional annual $10 million pre-tax allowance for the protection of his family, according to a Proxy statement filed by Facebook last Friday.

Zuckerberg’s company-instituted security program includes protection for the billionaire while traveling and at home.

It also covers the costs of installation and maintenance of security measures at his residences.

“We believe that the scope and costs of these security programs are appropriate and necessary,” the company said in the Proxy statement.

“We believe that Mr. Zuckerberg’s role puts him in a unique position: he is synonymous with Facebook and, as a result, negative sentiment regarding our company is directly associated with, and often transferred to, Mr. Zuckerberg,” the statement continued.

Overall in 2020, Facebook spent about $25.3 million on Zuckerbeg. His base salary was just $1.