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Fake boss scam claims Burnaby victim


At least one Burnaby employee is out some money after falling for a fake CEO scam that was first reported in the city back in spring of 2019.

Back then, three Burnaby businesses were out thousands of dollars after employees fell victim to the so-called CEO scam.

In the scam, fraudsters posing at managers, presidents and CEOs email employees of a company, instructing them to take money and buy gift cards, like iTunes cards or VISA gift cards.

They then direct the employee to email them the pin numbers on the cards, allowing the fraudsters to use them immediately.

Burnaby RCMP received five reports of the scam in 2019.

A Burnaby resident read a previous NOW story and said the same thing happened to him in April, but he was embarrassed to tell anyone about it.

“I thought it was my boss,” said the employee of a local manufacturing firm. “The email looks pretty real and you don’t want to say no to the boss, but I’m telling people…

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