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Fake parts and scam sales: how to not get ripped off this Black Friday


As the holiday season approaches, holiday sales are picking up speed. Or, if you’re near the U.S., kicking into overdrive for Black Friday.

Along with the real deal deals, though, are a rising tide of scam sales and fake parts. Knock-off parts are being sold as the real thing, preying on consumers whose good sense might be temporarily blinded by big sales. SRAM, FSA, DMR and Vision are all warning of sham websites selling fake pars. Last year, Shimano issued a similar warning about suspect SPD pedals.

Nothing ruins the joy of opening a present like finding out you’ve bought SRAN AXIS or Shinamo pedals instead of the real thing. Here are a few ways to avoid getting taken by tricky sale scammers.

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1) The official website is always the best

If you’re worried about scams, the easiest way to avoid them is to go through the official website or, if the brand doesn’t do direct sales, official distributors. You may not…

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