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Fast Track to New Skills


Interested in finding out what new skills will be needed in a post pandemic job market?

Mark your calendars to join the presentation and discussion of a ground- breaking report on short-term studies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The report Fast Track to New Skills looks at the many benefits offered by these  programs, such as higher graduation rates, salaries and employability while providing the necessary skills for the jobs of tomorrow. 

Longer term, these programs can also help reduce unemployment and promote equity and inclusion,  goals that have become paramount following the devastating social and economic impacts caused by the pandemic. 

However, new and bold actions are needed to make them more effective and aligned with current realities. 

Short-term or short-cycle studies cannot longer be seen as a lesser higher-education choice, but as the right choice for many at a time of great need.

Will countries in the region take…

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