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FF12 dissects scam after Wichitan falls victim


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Factfinder 12 sheds light on quite a few scams, but often has to explain why it’s so hard to track down the scammers. What we don’t often get to do is show all the moving parts of the scam and how it works…and just because it’s hard to track down the scammers, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Facebook is a site, originally intended to connect friends and family, cousins from across the country or just across town. Longtime Wichita resident, Delpha Schrader, was contacted by her cousin recently. She sent her a message on Facebook Messenger explaining the deal of a lifetime.

“She (Schrader’s cousin) said that she knew my name is on the list because she saw it when she got her package delivered,” Schrader explained.

Schrader’s cousin told her she’d just received thousands of dollars delivered right to her door. A government grant, she said.

“It was for widows and people that can’t work and just…

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