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Filecoin gets caught up in a pyramid scam. See how the price reacted and where it is going – CVBJ


After a great performance at the beginning of the year, now the price of Filecoin is making a deep correction from which it cannot take off, and the scam in which this cryptocurrency is being involved seems to want to create more problems for the price.

At the time of writing FIL is trading at $ 62.99, losing 7.28% in the last 24 hours. Its market capitalization is $ 7,961 million, and it is ranked 28th in the crypto online rankings.

Last week, the Feng Xian County Public Security Bureau, China, arrested 31 people belonging to the Star Alliance Network MLM (IPFS Union) company, and seized about 400 million yuan ($ 63 million) equivalent in Filecoin and other virtual currencies.

The IPFS later issued a statement to ensure that the funds and arrests are not related to the business of the company, and already most of the members have resumed their work as normal, although they will be fully back when the investigation is complete.

IPFS is…

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