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Firefox 89 ships with interface changes


Firefox 89.0 is the latest stable version of the Firefox web browser. Released on June 1, 2021, it ships with major interface changes, a new custom theme, and more. The focus of the release is the interface redesign that is affecting major interface elements such as the main toolbar, address bar, menus, prompts that the browser displays, and tabs.

All Firefox channels are bumped a version at around the same time. Firefox 88 Stable receives the update to version 89, Beta and Developer editions are updated to version 90, and Firefox Nightly to version 91. Firefox ESR, the long-term support release, is updated to version 78.11.

You can check out the Firefox 88 release overview here in case you missed it.

Executive Summary

  • Firefox 89 fixes security issues.
  • Firefox 89 introduces an interface refresh that changes many elements of the web browser.

Firefox 89.0 download and update

Select Menu > Help > About Firefox to check the installed version and run a manual…

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