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First penalties hit Marion Taxpayers over auditor error…


By June 16, 2021 4:31 pm

MARION—Deputy Auditor Marden Watts of the Marion City Auditor’s office sent a notice to city council members on Wednesday that the first penalties have been sanctioned against Marion as a result of monies sent to the wrong agencies.

Marion City Auditor Robert Landon III authorized more than a million dollars to be sent to the state department of Ohio when the payments were supposed to be sent to the Internal Revenue Service. Landon sent the monies from a cash account without authorization from the council.

The monies represent three-quarters of federal withholding taxes.

According to the memo sent to the Marion City Council, the IRS leveled $66,217.34 in interest and penalties for the third quarter. Penalties for the other two quarters have not been received.

In a memo, Watts told the council:

“The Auditor’s office…

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