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Funding School Bus Technology for Student, Driver Health


A webinar stressed the importance of using proven technology for cleaning on school buses and how districts can access federal funding to help pay for it.

Ken Hedgecock, the national sales manager at United Safety, noted that COVID-19 has become a significant part of student transporter considerations as they do their jobs. Focusing on student health allows a level of trust to be reestablished in parents, drivers, school administration and the community at large, he explained on May 25.

Hedgecock said that there has always been a need to make sure that air and surfaces on a school bus are kept safe. COVID-19 has brought this to the forefront, and it is likely that the threat will persist into the fall and the 2021-2022 school year, he predicted.

Meanwhile, Kaitlynne Monaghan, manager of business development for Child Check-Mate System, reviewed federal funding sources that can help districts fund the purchase of cleaning technology.

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