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Leaving aside professional travelers, who have learned by manufacturing and unpacking to pack necessities and necessities, for the rest of humanity there will never be suitcases big enough to hold everything.

Shirts, panties, and socks take up space folded and rolled into a cylinder, in a method that makes transformers everywhere. Not to mention the dirty and used things that occupy the same place and have to be carried.

Problems that do not affect those who take permanent vacations, and have the time and way to wash everything, but become complications for those who move and do not have the time and way to wash their things.

A difficulty Kiwi Design, a New Zealand startup that specializes in creating innovative accessory tools, has decided to solve it by creating the world’s smallest travel washing machine.

Apparently, the modern plastic bottle, about the size of a water bottle or slightly higher than a smartphone, to be more…

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