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Geneva Accord times — again


Banning and barring soldiers from politics is a canon indeed but one can’t remain blind, aloof and oblivious when it comes to the geopolitics of a region. Maligning Armed Forces for doing their duty is a favourite pastime with most of us. Therefore, it is alright and ok with everyone and anyone if he or she feels and desires so. But credit ought to be given where due. And here lies the prophecy.

It was as far back as 1967-1968 when General Ayub Khan, the then President of Pakistan, recorded in his personal Diary (published) that “in my opinion, Soviet Union will enter Afghanistan soon.” It happened in 1979. General Zia-ul-Haq, wedded to the profession as he was, had a critical and keen eye for geo-strategic developments. In July, 1979, much ahead of the event itself, General Zia-ul-Haq wrote a letter to President Jimmy Carter of the USA drawing his attention to the happenings and happenings likely to take place in the region.

He, in…

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