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Geopolitics around a changed Afghanistan


On Monday 14, Biden and his Nato counterparts made a quiet, symbolic farewell to their embarrassing Afghanistan war that costed them $2.26 trillion, and costed the Afghans over three million casualties and another two decades of horrors of war.

Moreover, two more decades were snatched away from Afghanistan’s potential progress and development — a sin that cannot be redeemed. Twenty years ago, president Bush called the Taliban ‘terrorists’ who were brutalising the Afghan people and equated them with Al Qaeda; Laura Bush led a worldwide initiative to highlight the Taliban’s oppression of women and children. But the Taliban have only proved to be the most resilient soldiers who have defended their soil from the occupiers.

But what have a rag-tag Taliban done to change the political framework of the region? By just standing in their frail bastions, and breaking the waves of perverse change upon their bosoms, have they deflected the waves of change…

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