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Geopolitics is Dividing Our Nation: Wale


“Our international speeches, our UN votes all must be deliberately crafted to stand a true middle ground that is truly a friend to all and enemy to none,” Mr. Wale said.

The Opposition Leader, Hon. Mathew Wale, says geopolitics is “driving a wedge between us, and dividing the country.”

“There is need for maturity and responsibility that rejects the winner-takes-all and the zero-sum game mentality. We have allowed foreign interests to drive wedges between us. We need to accept that we will not agree on everything.

“And we need to also accept our differences of opinions as legitimate and having space in our national political discourse,” the Opposition leader said in Parliament.

Mr. Wale calls on the Prime Minister to take serious and genuine steps to seek healing for the nation and to refrain from taking sides in the geopolitics that is unfolding in the country.

“Yes of course the geopolitics open opportunities to leverage our interests,…

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