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Google Hands Over Data To Hong Kong


Despite pledging to halt data transfers due to a repressive security law in Hong Kong, Google reportedly has handed over some data

Google reportedly handed over some user data to the government of Hong Kong last year, despite it pledging not to do so.

According to the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), Google confirmed to it that it had “produced some data” in response to three of the 43 requests it had received from Hong Kong’s government.

This was despite Google confirming in August 2020 that it had stopped responding to data requests from the Hong Kong government.

Draconian security law

The move was a direct consequence for China for it forcing through a draconian security law in Hong Kong, which the British government said violated its Joint Declaration agreement between the two countries.

The new law included a possible sentence of life in prison for people found guilty of subversion.

China often uses subversion charges to detain political…

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