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Google Seeks Help From People With Speech Issues


Google is working on an app to help people with disabilities better communicate. (Bigstock)

Google wants to make it easier for people with disabilities that affect their speech to communicate with those around them and theyโ€™re looking for some help.

The company has developed an app thatโ€™s able to decipher the speech patterns of those with impairments. The app known as Project Relate can be used to transcribe spoken words to text in real time and it can speak the words that a person has said using a computerized voice. It can also communicate with Google Assistant, which allows users to assign tasks to their smartphone and other devices using voice commands.

Now Google is looking to test the technology in the real world.

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โ€œFor millions of people, being able to speak and be understood can be difficult as a result of conditions that can impact speech, including…

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