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Google’s iOS app has a secret pinball Easter egg now


The Google app on iOS appears to have gotten a new Easter egg: a rather entertaining little pinball app hidden away in the “Tabs” menu. The game appears to have been added a few weeks ago, as spotted by several YouTube videos and a Reddit post in the middle of June.

Opening the pinball game is simple: switch over to the Tabs, uh, tab in Google’s iOS app, clear out any open tabs, and then wait for the colorful shapes to start creeping up from the bottom of the screen. Swipe up on those shapes, and you’ll launch a surprisingly full-featured pinball game directly in the app.

Gameplay actually works like a mix of pinball and Brick Breaker, with each level spawning a variety of colorful shapes that shrink and eventually vanish with each hit. Each level adds new bumper variations and more shapes to the mix, and there are even power-ups: a heart adds an extra life, a blue star splits the pinball into two, and a…

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