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Google’s New Advertising Racket


Last year, in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Andrew Yang, currently in the running to become the next mayor of NYC, wrote the following: “Whenever you sign up for a new social media service or website, or download an app onto your phone or computer, you’ll typically see some long disclaimer language written in legalese. You scroll through it quickly and click the ‘I agree’ button”

What are you agreeing to?

Essentially, by clicking “I agree,” you enter into a Faustian bargain of sorts. In return for ‘knowledge’ and ‘entertainment,’ you agree to sell your soul to the devil, otherwise known as Big Tech. Although we can debate the existence of the soul, there is no debating the existence of private data, which tends to be inherently personal and sensitive in nature. What Google does, for example, is the closest thing to the commercialization of our souls, all 4 billion of us who use its search engine on a regular basis. And, as you…

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