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Greed: The downfall of investment


“As long as greed is stronger than purpose, there will always be suffering”

RECENTLY I read an interesting statistic ­– Malaysians suffer losses amounting to about RM2.23 billion from scams since 2017. According to data from the police, a total of 67,552 cases were reported between 2017 till June 20 this year.

Of the total, e-commerce scams topped the chart with 23,011 cases, followed by illegal loans (21,008) and investment scams with 6,273 cases.

This is something alarming in the community. We can only have ourselves to blame for falling prey to vague or too-good-to-be-true investment schemes.

A deeper understanding of greed can help us overcome this problem. Material goods and the money we desire for is not something evil.

Wealth can bring security, independence and happiness to a certain level.

Wealth is not a bad thing, it can help us meet our basic needs as well as enjoy luxuries which make life better.

In contrast,…

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