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Green economy presents a road map to wealth


Adapting to change is in Australia’s DNA. Australia is a resilient and resourceful nation that has adapted and responded to the challenges of a harsh but bountiful country.

Shouting at the climate won’t make it go away. As federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg remarked, the climate has no postcode – it is not an arcane debate between the city and the bush.

Nor does it recognise geographical boundaries or international borders.

As Frydenberg noted, private financiers and investors have already committed significant funds to back corporations able to drive and accelerate progress towards a low carbon future. Companies can achieve green growth through serving new and growing markets created by the low carbon transition.

On the flipside, financiers, insurers and investors are increasingly making choices to deny their funds to those at risk of not being able or willing to adapt to climate change. For them, it is a question of risk and future returns.

The numbers…

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