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gst: Loan Seeker Trapped In Gst Scam | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: A 53-year-old man from Shahpur on Tuesday filed a police complaint alleging that a resident of Sabarmati had promised him a personal loan, taken his identity documents and used them to open a firm to misappropriate money. The complainant learned of the matter only when GST officers reached his house for a search.
Vasudev Tivar, a resident of Madhusudan Flats near Shahpur Bahai Centre, said that he met Pankaj Rajput in November 2018, and told him that he needed a personal loan.
Rajput said he ran a financial services firm and could give a loan to Tivar, who worked at a tailor shop on Ashram Road.
Tivar said Rajput took various documents of his and opened an account in a private bank in June 2019. In July, Tivar received a bank passbook for an account opened in the name of ‘Vasudev Traders‘.
When he asked Rajput about this, he was told that it had to be done to get the loan from a larger finance firm.
In August 2019, GST…

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