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‘Healthcare’ Is the Economy | MedPage Today


“The market” was terrified when Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon, and Jeff Bezos got together to disrupt healthcare 3 years ago with the launch of Haven — in response to that news, healthcare stocks comprising a significant chunk of the $4 trillion health economy in the U.S. shed billions in value overnight. CVS Health, Walmart, Cardinal Health, and Express Scripts were among those affected.

Few details about Haven emerged after the new venture was announced to the public in January 2018. To be technically accurate, the Haven brand name didn’t appear until about a year later, in March 2019; before that, the business was initially referred to by the initials of its partners: ABC or ABJ.

Haven kept its cards close to its chest, saying only that it was going to “explore a wide range of healthcare solutions, as well as pilot new ways to make primary care easier to…

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