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Helping people is this real estate agent’s passion


She gave some thought to being a journalist, became a nurse, then a realtor — and found her life’s work.

“Real estate was not a career I ever considered until I was an adult,” explained Melissa Rodgers. “I wanted to be a journalist and help make a difference in the world.”

“Then when I was 19 I was having a home built in Delaware and the builders asked if I would come work for them on the weekends,” Rodgers continued. “I did that for a few months, but with two small kiddos I needed to be home with them.”

“A real estate agent who was working there asked if I could assist her periodically,” she added. “I did that for about a year and absolutely loved it. However, it was demanding with two small kids so I stepped away, knowing that someday I would come back to real estate.”

Today, Rodgers sells real estate with HER, REALTORS®.

“I do this every single day because I love it,” she said. “I get to step into people’s lives and help…

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